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HAY! Stir Sticks

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HAY! Cutlery

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MABLE Toothbrush

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MABLE Toothbrush Charcoal Edition

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MABLE Dental Floss

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MABLE Cotton Swabs

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MABLE Travel Case

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Phade Jumbo Eco-Straw

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Phade Giant Eco-Straw

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Phade Eco-Stirrers

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StrawFish Giant Straw

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StrawFish Standard Straw

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Live Sustainably

Here at Blue Ocean Supply, we have carefully hand-selected some of the best eco-friendly products whose sole purpose is to reduce waste and plastics in our oceans and landfills. These 100% sustainable straws, toothbrushes, and cutlery will make a massive impact on our environment for many years to come and it all starts here with Blue Ocean Supply.

Beautiful Products

Our products not only are 100% sustainable but also look great. Our straws do not get soggy and are made from high-quality materials that will be sure to make a great fashion statement in your home, restaurant, or office.

Our favorites

whether its iced coffee, tea, soda, or water, we are constantly drinking something refreshing. Thats why Phade Straws are some of our favorite products because we believe if we can get individuals to make the switch from plastic straws to 100% sustainable biodegradable straws there would be a massive decrease in plastics in our oceans and landfills.

Phade Straws

Try PHADE these amazing blue straws dissolve completely and are 100% biodegradable. The perfect addition to your next drink.

Phade Biodegradable & Sustainable

Drinking Straws

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Our products are made from biodegradable materials. No need to stress if these products end up in a landfill or ocean because they will completely dissolve over time.


100% Compostable

When your finished using our products just simply place it in the recycle bin or in your very own composter.

You said about us

Efficient, Fast, and Friendly

“As an ocean friendly coffee shop who’s used hay straws for four years now I can say with confidence that Blue Ocean supply has been the most efficient , fast, and friendly distributor we’ve worked with. Their prices are the best and their turnaround delivery is the fastest we’ve experienced! “

Abigail Rogan

Gilbert’s Coffee Bar

Another Happy Client

Awesome Service!

Awesome service, great products! We appreciate blue ocean supply.